AMV Wheel Magnesium 9F - 58mm PCD

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AMV Wheel Magnesium 9F - 58mm PCD

Designed to fit standard wheel hub bolt pattern - Kartech Wheel hubs & OTK Wheel hubs

Front Width: 130mm
Rear Width: 212mm
Finish: OXiTECH
Color: OXiTECH grey/white

9F Design & Advantages: The wheel's 9 hole design delivers superior dissipate heat. 

  • Superior heat dissipation for more stable tire temperature and pressure
  • Freer chassis during high(est) grip conditions
  • OXiTECH for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning
  • Low pressure casting
9F Application & Use Case Examples: The 9F is ideally suited for situations when there is a high track temperature and/or when there is a high level of track grip, and/or with soft tires. Perfectly suited for TAG and 100cc racing, the 9F because of its unique qualities.